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Take one of our engaging classes to better understand food allergies and become an even better ally. Classes include...

  • Babysitter Food Allergy Training

  • Significant Other Food Allergy Training

  • Peer Food Allergy Training

  • Office Food Allergy Training

Through fun, interactive, hands-on activities our classes cover food allergy basics, how to reduce risk, and what to do "just in the case". Certificates of complete available upon request.

Contact us for more info or to sign up for a class!


Workshops are a great way to reinforce the work you're already doing. Let's review your current system and check for opportunities for improvement. Facing developmental changes, initiating a new system, or bringing a new group together? Start strong with us by your side. Workshops include food allergy basics, prioritizing ways to reduce risk of allergic reactions, and what to do "just in case". They are appropriate for families, organizations, businesses, camps, neighborhoods, etc. Certificates of completion available upon request.

Contact us for more information!




Let us help you meet your needs...

  • Implementing Policy & Procedures?

  • Working on a 504 Plan?

  • Doing research?

  • Something else?

Whether at home, in a community group, at the office, or beyond, chances are we can help.
Reach out today to see if we are the right fit!

Have a non-medical food allergy related need that isn't being met?
Please reach out

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