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Founder, Lead Educator & Consultant
Meghan Neri

Meghan Neri has lived the ups and downs of daily food allergy management for over 15 years. As a food allergy parent, she faced a variety of challenges along the way and became determined to help make the journey easier for those following in her tracks.

She knows first-hand that food allergies can impact aspects of life from sports, clubs, and play dates to family gatherings. She also knows, that through no fault of their own, most people don't understand food allergies. A former school teacher and educator at heart, Meghan is passionate about education.

In 2017, she co-founded a food allergy support group to help connect caregivers and increase awareness & education in the community. The group remains active today.

But, she wanted to do more. She partnered with Inner Peace Press in 2022 to write a book about her family's experience and much of what she learned about food allergies along the way. "Just One Bite, A Food Allergy Mom's Search for Answers" was published in June of 2023. She also founded Food Allergy Allies in 2023 to help improve quality of life for food allergic individuals by educating and supporting those who want to learn more about food allergies. This is done via fun, unique, interactive trainings and classes, as well as independent consulting projects.



Making life better, one day at a time.

Meghan is the ideal resource for those who choose to be food allergy allies.
Reach out today to learn more and get started!
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