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Written by Meghan Neri
Published by Inner Peace Press

Just One Bite


$19.99 USD

The diagnosis. The planning and preparation. The constant vigilance. The uncertainty. The fear. These can be constant struggles for food allergic individuals and those who care for them. You try to do everything right, you follow all the “rules,” and then BAM, just one bite of the wrong food and an allergic reaction can rock your world. With no right answers and plenty of wrong ones, what works for one family doesn’t necessarily work for another. "Just One Bite" is a book about relatability. The “I get that”s along with the “who knew”s. Additionally, the back of the book features 20 responses from individuals who have/manage various food allergies sharing what is bad AND good about their "restrictions." For author Meghan Neri, experienced food allergy parent, educator, support group leader, and advocate, some of the best medicine has come from connecting with others who understand. Follow the Neri family’s journey of fear, adversity, hope, and connection. You are not alone.

From the Introduction

I would venture to say that parents of children with any disability are just making their way, the best they can, at least initially. I would also venture to say that with increased awareness and education we can create more space for empathy and compassion regardless of the disability. I know for me, I just kept thinking if people understood this better it would be so much easier.

My family's journey led me to learn far more about food allergies than I ever could have imagined. This journey also helped me find my voice, as an advocate for my children, as well as for the food allergy community at large. This book is as much a therapeutic release of all I've collected along the way as it is a space for connection and resource for others on a similar journey.


“Taking readers along on her own parenting journey, Meghan shares how she moved from disbelief to acceptance, allowing her to approach food allergy life with an empowered mindset and the ability to advocate, support, and educate others.”
~Tamara Hubbard, MA, LCPC, Founder of The Food Allergy Counselor

“A must read for a newly diagnosed food allergy parent! Our family can relate to the feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and desires for education, inclusion, and empathy. If only we had a book like this to understand our new chapter of life that began the day our daughter was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies.” 
~Lisa Heath, Co-Founder of Intentional Foods (IF) Cafe & Market, Mesa, AZ

“A heart-warming narrative about one family’s journey of learning how to navigate life with life-threatening food allergies. As a mother of a food allergic child myself, I could be found exclaiming, ‘So true!’ and ‘I totally get this!’ as I read.” 

~Francesca Rose, President of the Utah Food Allergy Network

“It’s inspiring to hear personal stories that shed light on the challenges of living with food allergies and offer practical solutions and resources to help manage them. Meghan raises awareness about food allergies and provides a valuable tool for families and caregivers. I’m sure many will benefit from reading this book and discovering new ways to cope with food allergies.”

~Kyle Dine, International Musician and Allergy Educator

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